Is Superglue Safe For Reptiles? Good Brands and Types of Glue

Is Superglue Safe For Reptiles?

Every vivarium owner wants to make their tank beautiful and better for pets. If you are a reptile owner, you may want to add some plants, pieces of driftwood, and other ornaments to your tank. It is where you need to find some glues for holding these things in place. But before using anything new, you must think about your pets’ safety. 

You might be thinking about which glue is best for vivarium? Or how to pick the safest glue for reptiles? What are the famous super glue brands in the market? All these questions are natural for reptile fan.

If you want to find the safest glue for your tank that won’t make your pets suffocate, then this article is for you. This blog post will tell you about some of the best animal-safe glue brands which you can happily rely on. We will also discuss common types of superglues in the market along with their characteristics.

Is Superglue Reptile Safe?

Superglue is generally considered safe to be used in a reptile tank. It is durable, adhesive, and non-toxic. There are many kinds of superglues available. For instance, one of the safest superglues is Cyanoacrylate-based superglue. Water is a catalyst of their curing process, and once they get dried, your reptiles become completely safe.

You might know some of the best glues, but not all of them are reptile safe. However hard the glue is, it is of no use if it harms your pets. There are many types of glue available in the market, but some of them contain highly poisonous toxins. A wrong glue might upset the digestive system of your reptiles. It might cause them to suffocate if poorly adhered to.

To avoid these circumstances, learn about the good brands and the right types of superglues. Both of these things are discussed below.

Good Brands for Reptile-Safe Superglues

You may find hundreds of superglue brands in the market, but all of them are not trustworthy. Always prefer brands that are well experienced and reviewed by the community. To facilitate you in this regard, we have found some good brands and their best adhesives. Following are the top 5 brands:

Glue masters

Glue masters

The brand makes a professional-grade animal-safe CA (cyanoacrylate) superglue. This glue is available in the market under the name Thick Viscosity. Their adhesives have thick viscosity and can bind plastic, wood, and fabric. You can choose between Oz Thin, Oz Medium, and Oz Thick. These well-balanced glues will settle within a minute, and you will get your job done without any mess.

You may buy these reptile-safe glues for your vivarium from amazon. The brand has pretty good ratings there.



This brand offers aquarium-safe “flourish glue” that is compatible with plastic and metal materials. This cyanoacrylate gel bonds within seconds and is used to attach plants and moss to driftwood and even gravel. It can be used underwater and has greater durability. You can use it in your vivariums; it won’t hurt your pets. 

This superglue is available on Amazon, and customers seem much satisfied with the brand.

Gorilla superglue

Gorilla superglue

It is an American brand of polyurethane adhesives. They have been known for selling the best adhesives since 1994. Their gorilla super glue comes with a gel formula, anti-clog cap, impact tough and fast setting. It can bond wood, rubber, leather, paper, metal, and ceramics.

Gorilla super glue is micro precise, easy to use, and durable. Besides vivariums, they can also be used for many other adhesive purposes. You may get this from their website or amazon.



Aqueon brand is offering aquarium silicone sealant. It is a waterproof, clear adhesive tube. The adhesive products offered by these brands are best for vivarium owners as they are reptile-safe. You can use them to put plants in your rocks and fix other ornaments in your tank. This silicon superglue is easily available on Amazon.



Akfix prepares and supplies non-toxic aquarium silicone. It is waterproof adhesive compatible with marble, ceramic, carbon, and stone. This aquarium sealer is easy to apply as it has a detachable nozzle. It is fully non-toxic, so don’t worry about your baby reptiles’ health and safety. 

You can get this product from Amazon or through the brand’s website.

Types of Reptile Safe Glues

There are many types of glue. Some of them are safe for reptiles, while others can be harmful. So, first, we have to study the characteristics of different types of glue.

Cyanoacrylate Glue

Cyanoacrylates include a versatile range of durable adhesives. They have wide usage in industries as well. Cyanoacrylate glue is one of the best glues, which is also safe for reptiles. But it should be dried because once it is dried, it is completely safe. It is one of the best and safest glue types to be used in reptile tanks, but proper precautions are mandatory. One example of it is Gorilla Glue Gel.

PVA glues

Glues such as craft glues, Silicon adhesive, PVA glues are less toxic. However, they may cause stomach illness if ingested in large amounts. They should not be in the form of semi-solid or solid tubes to prevent the suffocation of your pets. Thus, PVA glues are reptile-safe if you take care of some little things.

Elmer’s Glue

The glue, having no volatile organic compound, can be safe for animals. Elmer’s glue is one of those glues that are considered safe for people and animals. It can be safe for animals because it has a near-zero VOC score. You can use this acid-free, versatile glue to fix pieces of wood, plants, or any other objects in your vivarium.


Super glue is a type of fast, strong, high strength, and instant adhesive glue. It can be used to bond any material. They typically come in gel foam. Super glue is highly toxic, and it is not suitable to use in an enclosed place where ventilation is poor. But if it is not a water-soluble glue, then you can easily use it in a reptile tank. Some super glues also contain silicone stuff that is marked as reptile safe.

Hot Glues

Hot glue can also work fine; the only problem is that it cannot hold a lot of weight as you want. The good thing about hot glue is that it doesn’t leave any residues like fumes or something else. Once cured, hot glues are safe and non-toxic. You may use them confidently to attach any vivarium accessories. It won’t hurt your reptile pets.

Dryable glues

Many kinds of superglues like cyanoacrylate, wood glue, gorilla glue, or any kind of glue are safe once they dried. Those glues can be the worst, which take forever to dry. The sooner it dries, the safer it is for your reptiles. If you’re looking for pet-safe vivarium glues, then prefer the one that dries earlier.

General Characteristics of Safe Super Glues

Even if you don’t know about any glue brands or types, you can find the best products by learning some general characteristics. Some of the common features of a safe reptile glue are listed below:

  • It should be highly adhesive and durable.
  • The glue should be thick and sticky. Watery adhesives don’t stay long
  • It should be easy to apply
  • The glue shouldn’t contain any poisonous content that could harm your pet
  • It should get dried or cured earlier
  • Good super glues don’t form solid or semi-solid masses in fumes
  • It shouldn’t leave any residual fumes

The Take-Away

It was all about safe reptile superglues. We told you about some safety parameters of superglues, some good brands such as Gorilla, and common types of aquarium adhesives. In the end, we also listed some general characteristics of good glues. We hope this article helped you choose the best.