Repta Boost: Instruction, Considerations, Ways to Use

Your reptile or amphibian pet will be as healthy as the diet you choose for it. Natural diets like insects, worms, and bugs are advisable because they contain most of the nutrients that your pet needs. However, the pet also needs supplements for nutrients and energy boost.

In this review, we talk about Repta Boost, a popular supplement for captive amphibians and reptiles. The review covers the nutritional content of Repta Boost. We will also discuss how to use the supplement, including the mixing instructions, dosage, and the types of reptiles and amphibians to feed with Repta Boost.

Nutritional Content of Repta Boost

You probably know about vitamin and mineral supplements by now and the need to feed them to your captive animals. You need to keep feeding your pets with those supplements while exploring new options. Repta Boost is different from the supplements on your shelf or store.

The nutritional supplement contains all the ingredients you need in one pack. Repta Boost has vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and minerals. The pack has a moisture content, which keeps animals with a poor appetite hydrated and well-fed.

The vitamins in Repta Boost are Vitamin E, D3, and A. The manufacturers also guaranteed phosphorus, calcium, and fiber supplements in each pack. You can tell that the energy and fluid boost is a complete meal for your pet.

When To Use Repta Boost

Repta Boost is your go-to supplement pack for reptiles and amphibians of all ages. It is recommended after acquiring a new pet. You may not have enough details of the pet’s diet before acquiring it. Hence, it is advisable to start its new journey with an energy boost.

The nutritional supplement is also useful when your pet becomes reproductively active. Animals need a balanced diet and enough food at this stage. Add Repta Boost to their normal diet following the instructions that we will discuss shortly.

Your reptile or amphibian pet may develop a condition that limits its diet. In addition, some diseases cause severe dehydration and malnutrition because of feeding challenges. You can purchase Repta Boost as a complete diet until the pet recovers.

You can also rely on Repta Boost to care for critically ill pets. However, the best way to use it is as a preventive measure for health conditions and nutritional deficiencies. Do not wait for signs and symptoms of malnutrition or sickness to boost the diet.

Flucker’s Repta Boost is safe to use daily, especially when a pet cannot feed on a normal diet. You can also administer half a dosage several times a week or a full dosage once a week. Adult amphibians and reptiles may require two doses once or several times a week.

The supplement comes with dosages for different pets. However, you need to involve your vet when feeding a sick pet. Stop the supplement if the symptoms worsen. Your pet may require new medication or different treatment to regain its normal feeding habits.

How to Use Repta Boost

You can use Repta Boost as a daily supplement for carnivore and insectivore amphibians, including geckos, frogs, chameleons, and monitors. The manufacturers also recommend it for ball pythons, corn snakes, bearded dragons, and boas.

A Repta Boost pack contains the booster powder, a feeding syringe, a cup, and a spoon. You will also find a list of ingredients and instructions. Some packs lack the instructions sheet, so let us go over the instructions for using the booster powder.

The amount of booster powder to feed your pet will depend on its weight. You need to measure the weight first before mixing the powder with water. Remember, your pet is gaining weight daily. Hence, it is advisable to check the weight every one or two weeks. Do not estimate or rely on old readings to measure the dose.

If you have a juvenile reptile, you need a sensitive scale that can estimate its weight accurately. However, if you do not have a weighing scale, you can use the manufacturer’s chart on the instructions sheet to estimate the amount to feed the animal.

Here is a chart that the Repta Boost manufacturers provide to help you estimate your pet’s weight. Your pet will most likely fall within the range given. However, you will need a weighing scale if your reptile or amphibian is not among the animals on the chart.


Reptile/Amphibian Estimated Weight
Juveniles (poison dart frogs, chameleon, leopard gecko, bearded dragon) 1-5g
Juvenile green iguana or corn snake 10-20g
An adult leopard gecko 10-60g
A adult Jackson’s chameleon 60-80g
An adult panther chameleon 100-130g
An adult ornate uromastyx 150-250g
An adult bearded dragon 250-500g
An adult box tortoise 400-700g
An adult ball python, savannah monitor lizard, or green iguana 1000-2000g


The instructions in the pack show the exact amount of Repta Boost and water spoonfuls to mix for each weight. The chart shows the amount for a half, full, or double dosage. For instance, the full dosage for animals weighing 500g is 8.6cc.

However, you need to follow the mixing ratios of water and powder first and then measure the amount to feed, whether it is a full or half a dose. The mixing ratio for animals below 20 g is 1 spoonful per 1cc of water. For animals between 30g and 100g, you need to mix 6 spoonfuls of the powder per 3cc of water.

Animals between 100g and 250g require 12 spoonfuls for 6cc of water, while all animals above 250g require 15 spoonfuls per 6cc of water. The consistency is thick and sometimes hard to administer with the syringe. You can add a few drops of water but not too much to avoid overhydration.

Different dosages are recommended for different situations. For instance, one full dosage in a day is enough for a healthy pet. However, an extremely dehydrated pet may require 2-3 syringes per day until it recovers.

The recommended feeding method is mixing the powder with water in ratios that correspond to your pet’s weight. You will then use the syringe in the pack to feed the animal. You can also use a spoon to scoop and feed the pet.

Some pet owners prefer to mix the booster with normal feed. If you choose this method, measure the correct amount of booster powder and mix it with moist feed.

Additional Instructions and Considerations for Administering Repta Boost

The assumption behind the mixing instructions is that your pet will sit and take the mixed supplement. If the pet is hungry, it may finish the dosage in one sitting. However, a reptile with a poor appetite or a sick animal needs the supplement in doses.

If you need more than one feeding, mix the supplement in the right ratios based on the weight and the recommended grams. Put the first dose in the syringe and feed the pet. Refrigerate any remains until the next feeding.

Remove the refrigerated mixture early enough for it to warm to room temperature. Feed your pet two to three times a day if it does not finish the dose in one sitting. Throw away any remains at the end of the day.

You will soon observe the pet’s feeding habits and get the right amount for a day. A reptile or amphibian that feeds well on other types of food can take the supplement once or twice a week.

Another consideration when using Repta Boost is that some animals prefer to feed on their own. You may introduce it with a syringe, but your pet may soon start licking or sucking the supplement from its usual feeding bowl.

Some playful pets may be too distracted to feed with a syringe. Hence, you need to be open to alternative feeding methods, such as mixing the supplement with food. Some lizards feed better with a spoon, but you must be careful that they do not chew the spoon.

In addition, remember to increase the dosage as your pet gains weight. Your pet will regain its appetite and gain weight. You can reduce the dosage to once per week when the amphibian or reptile reaches its adult stage.

Customer Reviews

Most pet owners report good results after using Repta Boost. Online reviews show that the supplement boosts amphibian and reptiles’ appetites almost immediately. Some buyers have used the Repta boost to save severely dehydrated and sick animals from death.

Previous buyers also recommend the product for sick pets and poor feeders. The booster is easy to mix and administer immediately after purchase, unlike other products that require refrigeration.

Buyers that gave negative reviews mentioned that the product does not mix well. It is unclear if the buyers used the right proportions. However, the majority of buyers report an easy mixing and feeding process.

Another complaint was that some packs lacked the instructions sheet. Some pet owners were unable to interpret the mixing instructions. However, most suppliers are available to help with the instructions. We have also discussed the instructions here to make feeding easy for you.


Repta Boost is a balanced supplement for reptiles and amphibians. It contains minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins. It is recommended as an energy and fluid boost for healthy, sick, malnourished, and dehydrated animals. The supplement is fit for critical care for severely sick pets.

A pack of Repta Boost comes with mixing instructions. The right dosage depends on your pet’s weight. It is safe to use at all growth stages, from juvenile to adult reptiles and amphibians. In addition, you can use the supplement daily, especially for sick, dehydrated, and malnourished pets.