Barbados Thread Snake: Tips for Having (or Avoiding) This Beautiful Pet

Barbados Thread Snake

Barbados thread snake is by far one of the smallest species of snake around for you to keep as a pet. They are no longer than 4 inches in length. And, in real life, you would see how they are just about the size of your finger. 

This short size is probably why Barbados thread snakes are often mistaken as worms by non-specialists. (And, can you imagine this? Their eggs are even smaller).

A relatively new species to be discovered, they are part of a family that burrows under the ground. And therefore, you may not find much information about them online. 

But don’t worry. If you’re planning on whether you should get a Barbados thread snake as a pet, here are a few tips and reality checks to make things easier for you.

A Little About the Barbados Thread Snake 

The Barbados thread snake is a species (from the Leptotyphlopidae family) found in some selected Caribbean Islands. 

These snakes are a blind species, and like other snakes, they communicate by leaving a trail of pheromones in their surrounding area: water, soil, and even air. 

They act like earthworms, preferring a similar habitat, such as a moist forest with soft lands to burrow in. They only come out of their burrows when they need to hunt, or their holes get flooded with water. So, maybe you should recreate a similar habitat for them to be more comfortable.

Barbados thread snakes often tend to stay their size even in the future, and they do not grow much throughout their life. They can grow, at most, to twice the size of a caterpillar.

Swift in speed, these fast movers are often compared to a small strand of spaghetti. They are slightly brownish in color with a small, inflexible mouth and a tapered tail in the back.

What makes Barbados Thread snakes a good or a bad Pet Choice?

What makes Barbados Thread snakes a good or a bad Pet Choice?

Simple Maintenance

Buying a pet snake isn’t just limited to the cost of acquiring one—which is pretty high, but it’s also about setting up a suitable habitat and keeping the temperature warm and even. 

As a snake owner, you’ll also need to find the proper space for your snake to unwind in and take care of its diet.

When bought, Barbados thread snakes are very expensive, but they eat less food than other snakes. Plus, they are small in size, so you wouldn’t need a bigger tank or a more extensive heating system to keep them comfortable! That way you will save more on future costs. 

All Rounding Safe Pet Alternative

They’re easy to handle because they are small in size. And as a plus, with them, you would not have to worry about being constricted or choked by your pet snake anymore. 

They’re also not poisonous and are generally docile by nature. The worst they could do on their bad days is giving you a small, loving bite. 

No Shedding or Allergies

Unlike other pets, this pet doesn’t shed. With this small snake as your pet, you would not have to worry about cleaning the tank. Plus, they don’t excrete often. If they poop or urinate, it’s always in the same area. So, their tank remains free from bad smells.

Small and Cute

Barbados thread snakes are extremely cute— but only if you’re a fan of snakes. They’re small and soft to touch. However, if you’re squeamish to the sight of worms, you may not be a fan to have it as a pet because the two species look so similar.

Hard to Locate

Small, swift, and eager to drift into any open cracks and holes, these snakes are hard to keep your eye on. It’s even harder to find them once they’ve made their way into the openings.

They can fit into anything, so it’s imperative to keep your tank firmly closed without any openings inside to aid their escape.


Barbados Thread snakes are low on defense mechanisms. They are delicate, and this is why they are more immune to being bruised more easily if not handled with care.

They require all the same care as other snakes, such as the temperature level within the tank. However, being so small, unlike other larger snake species, it is even harder to spot any concerning health symptoms with these snakes.

Thread Snake Diet

Many species, small like this one, require a specialized diet system, where they have their designated freezer and style of feeding to be kept healthy. You may even need a demonstration to understand how to provide food to your pet at home from a breeder.

Barbados Thread Snake does not eat what other snakes usually do—no rodents and birds, as they are all too big to fit into their mouths. Instead, these small snakes feed themselves on eggs and larvae of termites and ants.

Reasons of Barbados Thread Snakes Being Endangered

There are many reasons why Barbados thread snakes are said to be an endangered species. 

  • Some of those top reasons include how the forests in Columbia are being turned into landfills or other human development projects.
  • How these creatures are generally vulnerable to predators.
  • How their females only lay one egg, instead of a bunch, at a time.

Due to these reasons, these snakes are not legally allowed to be kept as pets in most countries. Despite the legalities, some people buy them from black markets for their collection. It is recommended that your selection of pets aligns with the laws of your country and that you only acquire them from a trusted source.

Interesting Facts You Should Know About Barbados Thread Snake

Interesting Facts

How does Barbados Thread snake breed and Reproduce?

They are assumed to breed just like any other snake, that is, by laying eggs. However, unlike other snakes, Barbados Thread snakes only lay one egg (which is only a few millimeters long) at a particular time. 

This is a critical factor for the species being enlisted as protected, as the chances of one egg surviving are lower than a dozen.

What is a Barbados Thread Snake’s baby called?

Their baby is often termed as a hatchling or a snakelet.

What’s the typical weight of this little snake?

Barbados Threadsnakes are not only small in size, but they are also very light. Their body weight is expected to be no more than 0.6 grams!

What do Barbados Thread Snakes look like up close?

Up close, you will find Barbados Thread snakes’ bodies covered with tiny brown scales and swift yellow-colored strips.

More research and study are needed on this unique and highly endangered species. No names have yet been titled to their male-female counterparts, and the information regarding their lifespan and current population is widely unknown.


If you don’t know what changes a Barbados thread snake will bring into your life, then you won’t be able to manage them in the future. Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into what having them as a pet will mean for you.

After all, delivering the best life to the pet you have is, supposedly, your priority as a good pet owner. Knowing what your pet will need to survive and prosper is crucial to seeing this happen.